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This wiki is about an in-progress anime called Angel Lite, made by MiaErikaVessie on Twitter and deviantArt . It should have all the info you need to know about the in-progress anime.

It includes 14 so-called students who have been chosen to protect the world. (Mia, Kirito, Yuri, Kinji, Kara, Satoshi, Mutou, Aria, Iori, Rina, Reki, Hinata, Brianna, and Jacob.) They have to face the problems of meeting the 4 people who "follow" the one thing that destroyed half the world once before. Aralia. She has been stopped by Mia and her family once, but is now erging to get out of the body she's stuck with. She was consumed, not fully, by Mia who sacrificed herself for the sake of the world.


7 or the 14 students with another student from a different school.

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Kitties out of the boys!

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